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Samantha Miola,MBA,RDN

Hi! I’m Sam, so nice to finally meet you! I’m a newly registered dietitian nutritionist, personal chef, Pilates enthusiast, homebody, and bunny mom. I became an RDN because I love food…especially talking about food…and obviously eating food.  

I believe that food and nutrition should be easy, transparent, and most of all enjoyable! I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “it’s all about balance!” when it comes to nutrition. Okay, balancing what? The term could not be any more vague! Balance to me is finding excitement in nourishing your body, enjoying time with your loved ones, and finding peace in moving your body. There is so much more to health than eating the right foods, and sometimes food is the smallest piece to the puzzle!

I understand what it’s like to be confused about which diet is best, which products to buy, and even feeling guilty after giving into cravings. I’ve come to realize, that food is medicine, so why fight it?? If you, like me at some point in your life let food control how you interact with the world, keep you from having a night out with your best pals, or even dictate how you feel in your own skin, then welcome to my page.

My passion is helping you find a balance in your health and wellbeing to create a lifestyle that allows you to thrive! If you’re interested in health coaching (in-person or virtual) or would like delicious, healthy meals prepared for you on a weekly basis, please feel free to contact me!

Thanks for checking out my page, I can’t wait to be a part of your wellness journey!